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12. Dez. 2019 - General election 2019: A really simple guide

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BoJo bei Andrew Marr. immer das gleiche rumgestorter. Das haben wir von Labour uebernohmen. Marr:Aber Sie sind seit 10 Jahren in Power.PoJo:Das haben wir von Labour uebernohmen.Marr:Und nicht veraendert? Endlos Schleife und keinem faellt das auf?

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Ein Grund mehr Gruen zuwaehlen: Von Andy Williamson 

On a 'wasted vote'

I'm the Green Party candidate in one of the safest Tory seats in the country, (54% vote in 2017) where opinion between Lab and Lib Dem in general, or as a tactical vote (despite pointless here) is divided. A conversation I've been having often:
(me) Do you know what 'Short Money' is?
(usual response) No
(me) It's the money paid by the taxpayer to opposition parties to do their work in Parliament. It's based on the number of MPs AND on the number of votes nationally. In 2015 when the Green Party got 1.2 million votes across the country, Caroline Lucas received over £200k per year in Short money, which was used to employ researchers across all areas of policy, which helped her be so effective as an MP. When the Green vote went down in 2017, 2 of these had to be laid off, as there was no money to pay them. In 2015 every 200 votes added £33.33 to this annual payment. George Osborn reduced it by 19%, but the value now is 13.5p per vote per year. This may sound trivial, but multiplied a million or more across the country it's a substantial amount which is vital to the Green Party and any MPs who get elected this time.
(common response) wow, that's really interesting – why don't more people know about this?
There have been several cases where the result is that the person says there and then that they will definitely vote Green as a result of this conversation, rather than attempt a tactical vote.


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