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EARTH IS CALLING -The Crypt Gallery Euston Road

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Thu 24 Oct 18:00 - 21:00
Meeting point
Desk at the entrance
Heike Czalaun



Exhibition of new work by IRMA IRSARA

Meet the artist - refreshments provided
We look forward to seeing you

The focus of her work has shifted to invisible nature, micro pollution and micro fibre plastic, using micro-photography / film to produce my outcomes.
Earth is Calling reflects on the issues through a series of fibre art pulp works, contrasting natural, organic material with man-made plastic fibre. The artist will also present time-lapse and micro time-lapse works of melting ice embedded with natural and man-made items sourced from various locations (including along the Thames foreshore). The accompanying sound was created by musician and soundscape artist Jonathan Lambert.

The gallery, in the Crypt at St Pancras Church, is one of London’s most unique and atmospheric exhibition spaces. It's located in the centre of London right opposite Euston Station.

In her work, Irma Irsara draws attention to ideas relating to change. There is a clear preoccupation with nature and the envionment, partly due to her upringing in the Italian Alps, her relationship with her grandfather who owned areas of protected forest and her ongoing passion for plants and eco systems – she also studied Country Care and Conservation at Capel Manor in North London. She explores notions of aesthetics and fragility, looking at beauty both in terms of it’s ability to mask and mislead, but also it’s power to persuade and promote ideas in a a positive way.

Heike Czalaun
Anmeldung erforderlich, bitte per PN am mich
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