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Deutsche Fußballmannschaft für Diplomatic Cup

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der Diplomatic Cup sucht eine Fußballmannschaft, die Deutschland repräsentieren will. In der Freizeitliga nehmen bereits Argentinien, Brasilien, Frankreich und ander “Länder” teil. 

Wer mehr erfahren möchte kann hier nachlesen, oder einfach auf den Beitrag antworten. 


Bis bald


DFA-IFLeague.docx DFA—International Football League.pptx

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The league unites people from all walks of life. People with different backgrounds join the teams looking not only for a 11-a-side competitive tournament, but also for a friendly environment to enjoy social Saturdays with friends and family. Even though at an amateur level, representing their own country helps people arriving to the UK to settle down smoothly; it only takes one game to start building new friendships and to improve your London experience.

The History of the League The Diplomatic Football Association - International Football League (DFA-IFLeague) was founded in 1995 by representatives of several diplomatic missions in London. Whilst the league has been successful in fostering diplomatic relations, it has also provided the local communities with a focus and, over time, the communities have supplied players who wish to represent their home nations In 1998, The League name was changed to the "DFA-International Football League" to recognize the number of expats taking part who were not linked to diplomacy, now teams are much more widely based, drawn from London's many national and linguistic The League has continued to grow to this day and has brought many people of different nationalities together over a sport we all enjoy.

We want  Germany to be in the League.  Any question please let me know. I don't organise the league but I mentioned  that I was going to do my best to bring a German team !!!!

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