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    Hallo alle.  Ja, ich spreche deutsch.  Ich war in Stuttgart geboren aber ich wohnte im USA für 20 Jahre, so leider ist Englisch meine Muttersprache.  Aber eine Deutsche Mitbewohnerin wird super gut sein. 😊. Vielleicht können wir manchmal (oder oft?) im Flat auf Deutsch reden.  Wie du willst.  😋


    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for a new flatmate who has a lifestyle that is semi-similar to my own.  But, actually, I am very open-minded and, aside from keeping the shared space clean and presentable, pretty much everything else is good.  If you like a tidy house that you can proudly host friends in, then I might be the flatmate for you.  😊

    I live in a large flat with one girl who has been great for three years; but she has decided to move to a new flat on 15Apr, which is the end of our joint tenancy letting agreement.  Unfortunately, I have to notify our letting agent if I am going to move out too by 14Feb, which is coming up soon!  Maybe you'd be a good match to take her over her room?  

    Incidentally, most of my friends in London are girls (maybe 60-70%) and I prefer to live with a girl as the dynamic tends to be better, I think. Also, dinner parties and baking is more fun with girls. 😊

    Historically, I have always managed all the bills and taxes and everything from a central house account that you would have free access to, anytime you like.  So the house admin is very well taken care of.  If you would prefer to manage all the accounts yourself then we could set that up easily.  

    The private space on offer is a large (approx.) 12x5 metre room.  It comes with its own bathroom and shower; and then the shared space that comes with it is a separate kitchen and living room of an even larger size.  The flat is located just 150m behind Borough Station, which is on the Northern Line; and London Bridge and E&C stations are just 8-10 minutes walking up the road.  

    Watch the video for far more information than I can type into words and get in touch if you're interested.  I'd love to meet and answer any questions.  

    Cheers and happy flat hunting.


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