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    Dear DiL Members,

    Most of you speak perfect German. How about your child?

    I am a mum of a trilingual girl, currently living in Germany in two different locations due to her school. We hosted many children on reciprocal basis but none of those were from the UK. Not that we didn’t want to host one, but we couldn’t find a girl who wanted to practice German. My daughter is fluent in German and French without accent, almost fluent in English with accent. She needs some grammar practice too. She attends to a well reputed grammar school, entrance only with three tier exam. The school offers many European languages as well as ancient languages to choose from together with compulsory syllabus. We are looking for a family with a similar age girl (12/15) who would be willing to host our daughter for a month, and with possible schooling. We will be hosting your daughter in return and give her the possibility to attend my daughter’s school.

    Should any of you interested or know any family who would be interested, please let us know. Suggestions are welcomed.

    Many thanks and best wishes for the future.

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