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    Will be another busy year for Languagematters, we currently have a broad range of vacancies available in London and across the UK. 

    Current roles requiring German language skills: 

    • Implementation Manager £43k, (GER)
    • Project Assistant £28k (FRE or GER) 
    • Category Manager £45k (FRE or GER) 
    • SEO Executive £30k (GER)
    • CRM Manager (1x GER, 1x FRE) £35k 
    • Field Sales Representative (GER)
    • Research Analyst (GER) £35k
    • Bookkeeper (GER) £30k 
    • Client Services (GER) up to £28k 
    • Customer Service roles (various locations and salaries)

    Expecting there to be a few more roles shortly. For more details please refer to our website https://www.languagematters.co.uk/jobs/ 


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