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Pole To Win

German Games Testers x2

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    You will be part of a multilingual project team and work with peers and other departments to share ideas and suggestions, involving others in decision-making. You will be responsible for ensuring the German linguistic content within a yet-to-be-released video game is correctly localised into your language and the text is displayed correctly when seen in-game, while also detecting and reporting any linguistic flaws.

    What you’ll be doing

    • Identifying German grammar issues, misspelled words, missing punctuation, incorrect capitalisation and other punctuation language issues/errors.

    • Looking for German inconsistencies in texts, inaccurate translations and making improvement suggestions when sentences or words sound unnatural. Finding and describing issues in English as well as in German.

    • Analysing German text to identify and correct issues related to localisation and accurately providing detailed and complete reporting (and subsequent revision) of those errors or problems, whilst making suggestions for improvements.

    • Logging details of errors/issues found and providing critical analysis and concise feedback.

    What we’re looking for

    • Native level fluency in German and English, particularly reading & writing.

    • Strong understanding of the German culture.

    • A background in languages and/or translation.

    • Knowledge of the current generation of games consoles and PCs, and the latest mobile platforms

    • An interest in and understanding of the video game industry (preferred).

    What we offer

    You will be working within an open and transparent global business that provides a dynamic and refreshingly positive environment for all.  We have a casual and relaxed office, so you can come in jeans and t-shirt if you so wish!

    You will receive a salary £17,000, 28 days holiday (pro rata), free breakfast and inclusion into a vibrant social calendar. Normally we work 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm. Some flexibility for overtime may be required though (paid). We are project based so you can choose your own contract, from 2 months – 6months.

    Who we are

    Since 1994, Pole To Win has been providing outsourced Quality Assurance, Customer Experience and Localization Services to the Interactive Media, Internet of Things (IoT), Technology and e-Learning markets. Our service lines include: Quality Assurance, Quality Engineering, Localization, Translation, Customer Experience, Talent Acquisition, Audio Production.

    Please send your CV to Recruitment-london@ptw-i.com to be considered. We are based in Brentford, London

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