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    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Let me take the chance and introduce “Ronny’s Delicatessen” to you. After more than 7 years within London’s first German Baker and Delikatessen shop, was it time for a change. Family Kusche moved back to Germany to enjoy their well deserved pension. It was the chance for the youth to take over, and combined tradition with ambition and new creativity. We invested in our new Bakery and are currently renovating the Deli shop. Meanwhile the whole product line went through an overhaul, focusing on quality, use of honest ingredients and infuse our products with new creativity and the vision of our new team of bakers and conditors all trained in Germany. The success of gaining new customers and the reassurance from the older once’s show is we are on the right way. Our aim is to be the adress for everyone looking for traditional Cakes, Christmas stolen, all variety’s of bread, birthday- and wedding cakes... basically we cater all occasions. What ever you want us to deliver we will not stop before you are 100% satisfied. And that includes the whole range of German products, we get deliveries once a week direkt from germany, short email and we bring whatever you looking for. Part or no part of our usual shop portfolio. We would love to showcase our abilities, and send our mobilshop around which will offer range of bakery and variety of German products. 
    Again if you have special demands or a specific order email is upfront.

    See you soon, Ronny’s German Delicatessen




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    1 hour ago, Ronny's German Deli said:

    Christmas stolen,

    Ich lass mir mein Weihnachten nicht wegklauen.  Simples - .Ist zwar noch ein paar Monate hin aber trotzdem. Entsetzliche Idee.




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