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3 Ergebnisse gefunden

  1. Vasiliki

    Deutsch - Klassen für Kinder

    ABC German bietet Deutsch-Klassen für Kinder im Alter von 0.5 - 7Jahren an. Die Klassen finden ab dem 10.01.2018 in Clapham im Contact Centre statt. Und ab dem 11.01.2018 in Kensington im Ixwoth Place Community Centre. Die Kinder lernen mit ausgebildeten Muttersprachlern in kleinen Gruppen. Für nähere Informationen kontaktiert bitte info@abc-german.com
  2. Vasiliki

    Deutsch - Klassen für Kinder

    ABC German bietet deutsche Klassen für Kinder im Alter von 0.5 - 7 Jahren an. Die Klassen finden ab dem 10.01.2018 in Clapham im Contact Centre statt. Und ab dem 11.01.2018 in Kensington im Ixworth Place Community Centre. Die Kinder lernen mit ausgebildeten Muttersprachlern in kleinen Gruppen. Für nähere Informationen kontaktiert bitte info@abcgerman.com
  3. Saroma

    Nanny Part-Time

    Dear Family, I am a 23 year old german who moved to London in August 2014. I've worked with kids these last 8 years and was an aupair for the last 2,5 years (location: Stoke Newington, Hackney). After taking care of three boys (start age: 9, 11 & 14), two dogs and the entire household (grocery store shopping, cooking, school pick-ups, mail, dog walk, PA duties), I said goodbye to my british family and moved on as a Live-In Nanny. I have started my newest job four weeks ago as a Live-In Nanny in Central London and I am looking after four kids. Due to many reasons (kids yell all the time, spit, punch and kick me ...) I want to change the family. My agency doesn't pick up the phone nor answer my calls and that's why I want to take controll and be happy again. As well as that I am working for a german radio station, I can cook and bake (2,5 years as an sole charge aupair did it's best), run a Half Marathon last May (Hackney Half which I run with my back then host dad), did boxing (German Championship), did showdance and played football. I like to travel, be active and outside, but won't mind staying inside and playing a round of monopoly (which mostly lasts for hours). I like music, books, a good cup of coffee and I love baking. I am highly organised, can multitask, like schedules and can babysit on short notice. I do not smoke nor drink alcohol. CERTIFICATES: A levels, First Aid, Drivers License (but never drove around London), CAE, Latin (but forgiot 95% of it), trombone D1 (Bronce). I have different references and would be able for an interview in a weeks time. EXPERIENCES: January 2017 - to date: Nanny for four kids (age 6 - 14) August 2014 - January 2017: Au-Pair / PA for three boys (13, 11 & 8) & two dogs 2013 - Summer: Supervising 30 children on a 2 weeks language trip to Bexhill-on-Sea (Company: AWO Pinneberg) 2011 - Summer: Supervising a group of children ages 6-10 on a four weeks in a summer camp (Company: Frankenthal Strandbad) 2011 - 2013: Weekend-Nanny for family with two children (B9 & G7) 2009 - 2014: Private after school tutor for kids ages 6-14 in Maths, English, German, Biology & Geograph WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR: As I stated above, I am working for a german radio station. My hours are 8am - 2pm Mondays to Fridays. Therefore I am looking for a PART-TIME LIVE-IN NANNY position. If this is a deal breaker, I will be able to talk to my boss and could possibly do mornings / drop-offs too. (If you need me to travel with you, there is always a way: My boss is flexible and weeks off are always possible, even on short notice) As well as that I am looking for a position with private accommodation / my own room with my own entrance and toilet in central London. (Right now my room is between the kitchen and kids playroom and there is no way I can sleep before 10pm or after 7am ... Nor to sit on a toilet seat which wasn't peed on.) I can work weekends and babysit (even on short notice, (right now they tell me around 8pm to babysit the exact same night)) If you are or you know someone who is looking for a fun, caring, flexible and hard working Nanny, feel free to message me here or over: Olsohe@aol.com Many thanks and hopefully a successful weekend, Sandra Mause