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    I'm afraid you are correct Juju, the VK121 was in my opinion the best system ever designed but due to environmental restrictions the motor wattages were reduced, the VK200 still out performs the competition and is without a much better looking design. Mainland Europe's No1 cleaner is about to re-launch in the UK and I can offer a system on a weeks trial to any member of this site...TRY IT
  2. Jaluky


    You've noticed your Dyson has a problem then? ...always a good start. 27 years of standing beside a brand that represents quality, efficiency and value for money I have had my share of those that accept the performance of standard cleaning systems and don't need to prove anything.
  3. Good Morning, I have been an official agent for Vorwerk for 27 years, any problems, spares or advice needed please ask.
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