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  1. Toytown who screams from the mountains his superiority on this topic specialises in health insurance and domestic pensions (which are most definitely not right for everyone, especially without being aware of the implications and alternative options when transferring). He does not have a single recommendation from any of his clients relating to UK pension transfers, yet he claims to be the oracle in this topic... interesting!
  2. Suseschwester and stonki it's a shame in this day and age people still believe the first thing they read on the internet. Especially when said individual works in the exact same industry and profits handsomely from badmouthing their competition (very professional). Maybe a balanced picture would provide a better view of our company and how we look after our clients: www.linkedin.com/in/darrentarranteu/ Just because someone posted in 2012 does not mean they have all the information required to make an informed decision. Pension freedoms were only introduced in 2015 and major changes were applied to QROPS in 2017 for non EEA residents. Regulations have changed and will continue to change drastically, thus why it is so important to have someone who specialises in the arena to provide guidance and support. As for advertising, if someone asks a question, does it not make sense to inform someone of your profession and how you may be able to help answer their question? rather than people guessing and providing incorrect information? That's your opinion I suppose, but for me, it's just common sense. To be honest I am quite frankly offended by the lack of professionalism in this response and respect for someone's profession. All I can say is good luck to you if that's how you treat people in the world. Regards,
  3. Hi garbeam, Apologies for speaking English, I came across this feed and noticed you were having difficulties with something our company actually specialises in. I can safely say that as long as your pension value is above 40,000 GBP you most definitely have options... but possibly not for long: https://www.oldmutualinternational.com/Europe/Adviser/Supporting-Your-Business/informer/retirement/long-term-future-of-qrops-following-the-eu-referendum1/ Please feel free to view my profile and my senior consultants profile on linkedin for over a dozen existing client recommendations. If anyone else here is looking to see what their options are (especially before the UK leaves the EU) I am happy to have a chat. We are the worlds largest UK pension transfer provider and in 2016 we did over 60% of all UK pension transfers globally. https://www.linkedin.com/in/darrentarranteu/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicholas-grams-acsi-fpc-cemap-4783a313/ Myself and my senior consultant look after people ranging from middle management right the way through to Managing Directors of global banking institutions, with this in mind I am very confident we can help with any questions you may have. I hope this helps, Cheers, Darren
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