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  1. Hallo! Im moment suchen wir deutschsprachigen Kinder in London für eine Online-Kampagne für LEGO. Bitte finden Sie all die Einzelheiten an unseren Flyer beigeheftet. LEGO Challenge for German Speaking 5-11 year olds: We’re looking for children who are aged between 5-11 years old with German as a first language to take part in a fun online campaign to celebrate LEGO’s upcoming 60th birthday. We’d love to hear from the parents of any Germanophone children with a passion for LEGO and a creative spark within them – the campaign really wants to celebrate the imagination and unique perspective of girls and boys from all over the world, hence our search for LEGO-loving creative German children. I have attached our flyer that has all the information that parents need should they be interested to find out more or put their children forward, please do feel free to share it with any parents from your school. All they need to do is email lego@thegardenproductions.tv with some basic info about the children and they’ll receive an email that details exactly what they need to do next to make an application. Equally if any parents would like to get in touch with me personally to find out more then I would be delighted to speak to them too, my email is jonathan.skuse@thegardenproductions.tv Any help you could offer to get the word out to parents on social media too would be hugely appreciated as it’s set to be a really fun campaign for the children to take part in to mark LEGO’s milestone birthday. The application process is done online so families can still get involved even if they have returned to Germany for their holidays and filming will take place over one day in London in early September. If there is any further information you need then please do just let me know. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Jonathan 07876 033919 jonathan.skuse@thegardenproductions.tv
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