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  1. Hi Community I am moving out of my lovely flat share in Southfields (SW19 6NW) in the beginning of April. Its a very nice area, lovely shops, cafes, and even a little French supermarket/deli, and the Wimbledon Park and Common are nearby which are fab for running. The room is facing East/Southeast and the big living room has West facing windows, thus the flat has all day sun. My current flat mate, 30ys old professional, is great to live with, very responsible, neat and easy going. https://m.spareroom.co.uk/flatshare/flatshare_detail.pl?flatshare_id=7642990&search_results=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.spareroom.co.uk%2Fflatshare%2F%3Fsearch_id%3D630782632%26mode%3Dlist%26editing%3D%26show_results%3Das a map%26resume_last_search%3D1 If any questions, please feel free to ping me. Cheers, Elisabeth
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