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  1. Danke! Auf der englischsprachigen Website habe ich die nicht gefunden!
  2. Weil die keine Telefonnummer veröffentlichen... habe aber gerade gesehen, dass es da ein Online-Kontaktformular gibt...  
  3. Liebe Leute   ich will am 6. April hier in GB kirchlich (Church of England) heiraten.   Da ich Deutsche bin, wurde mir gesagt, dass ich eine "Common Licence" beantragen muss. So weit, so gut, und die 165 Pfund muss ich halt auch abdrücken.   Jetzt habe ich aber auf http://www.peterboroughdiocesanregistry.co.uk/marriage.html#common (siehe unten) gefunden, dass ich dafür "a letter from the appropriate embassy or government department, confirming that the foreign partner is free to marrz under the law of his or her own country" brauche.   Stellt die Botschaft in London so etwas aus? Falls ja, muss ich dafür einen Termin machen? Oder krieg ich das in irgendeiner form von zu Hause (ich habe den Hauptwohnsitz noch in Deutschland registriert). Leider habe ich auf den Webseiten der Botschaft in London nichts gefunden...   Vielen Dank für jegliche Tipps und macht's gut!   Doris       Marriage of Foreign Nationals The Legal Advisory Commission recommends that, where one of the parties to a proposed marriage is a foreigner, the marriage ought to be by licence (which involves the making of a sworn statement as to status), rather than by banns. The foreign party should provide the Surrogate with: (1) A letter from the appropriate embassy or government department, confirming that the foreign party is free to marry under the law of his or her own country. (2) An original document (not a fax or photocopy) showing the full name and date of birth of the party, such as a passport or birth certificate. (3) An original recent document showing the name of the party and current address, such as a utility bill, bank statement, etc. (A tenancy agreement is not acceptable.) (4) Where relevant, the original decree absolute of divorce, and a completed Form and Explanatory Statement. (See Marriage After Divorce.) (5) In order to comply with the Advice to Clergy issued by the House of Bishops (see Sham Marriages, below) a letter from the minister who it is intended should conduct the marriage, stating that he or she has met both parties (preferably on a number of occasions and at least once in their own homes) and, having discussed the marriage with them, is satisfied that the intended marriage is genuine and that he or she is content to conduct the marriage. The letter from the minister should also contain confirmation of the applicants' qualifying connection with the church where they wish to be married. Where a document which is produced is in a foreign language, the party concerned may be required to produce a certified translation.
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