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    1. BERGSEN


      ich glaub die kids haben mitleid oder der respekt steigt, weil ich alles mit links vormache.

    2. bruno
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    2. bruno
    3. Dat Jaby

      Dat Jaby

      Passivsport ist sicher erlaubt und viel gesuender:-)

    4. BERGSEN


      genau. aktiv rauchen und passiv sport. sehr gesund derzeit.

  1. erste woche ohne gips. YEEHAA !

    1. wo bleibt mein neues wheelset?

      1. hey mate, was ist dein plan? rein in die meute für 55 quid oder draußen im park zur musik chillen? bei ersterem würd' ich das bike nämlich eher zu hause lassen. ähm, und ich wollte so gg. 14:00 uhr dort sein.
      2. oh come on guys and girls. it's saturday, lovely weather and wireless festival @ hyde park. stop wanking and join for a couple of beers. i'm going "steil" to the park via bike in approx. 1 hour. IF YOU WANNA JOIN LATER ON; JUST GIVE ME A RING!
      3. hi mates, anyone up to join this massive event tomorrow (sat 2nd july)??? entry is about 55 quid but chilling outside the arena would also be fun while having a few beers and listening to finest music. just send me a pm or give me a ring: 07506697458 CHEERS!
      4. anyone up to visit wireless in hyde park tomorrow (saturday 2nd july). MASSIVE LINE UP MATES!

        1. someone interested in cycling in or around london?

        2. recently thinking about joining a basketball team as player and coach. in the meantime, HUSTLING THE FREECOURTS!

          1. excellent lunch plus a little vodka-coke and now off to the park to play some basketball. LOVIN' IT!

          2. FFS, WHAT A DISGUSTING SMELL !?!(one of my flatmates spreaded rat poison and now it stinks like a cesspit because this dead piece of sh*t decided to die right under the house.)

          3. now that the weather is finally perfect for some OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, how about this one? >>> WWW.MAYHEM-PAINTBALL.CO.UK <<< the scenarios are awsome and the prices fair!( even LASER TAG is available for the c**chies being afraid of contusions) THIS WILL BE A FUNNY SATURDAY, SO JOIN NOW!
          4. klingt saustark, auch wenn das regelwerk hier wohl etwas weitläufiger ausgelegt wurde. unter vorbehalt: DABEI!
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