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Who are we?

Deutsche-in-london.net is a website dedicated to providing information and news on German speaking community in the UK. 

The web site would not be possible without the efforts of a number of people including our editorial as well as forum moderators. Also, our site would not be as successful without the participation of users on our forums.


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If you find a post on the forums or other content on the site is in breach of our rules, libellous, defamatory or illegal, e-mail info(at)deutsche-in-london.net with the exact details of why the content should be removed being specific as to which parts contribute to a breach in rules, libel, defamation or statute. 

Ambiguous requests which do not provided the basis for removal will not be considered.

You must include your full name and contact details which allow us to verify your authenticity and if you are acting on behalf of another party, their details. We may require reasonable proof of any claims you make. Whilst we will not always remove material when requested to do so, this does not mean we approve of it. 

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